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Searching for Biblical Passages in BILDI: Some Practical Notes

I.    How to refer to chapter and verse in searching for biblical passages

The search string for biblical passages in the "Basic Index" box on the BILDI search-page consists of the abbreviation of the biblical book in question (see the list below), the two-digit number of the chapter and optionally, after a comma, the two-digit number of the verse. Note: one has to use three-digit numbers to refer to every psalm in the Book of Psalms.


"Gen 01*" lists all data-sets which refer to chapter 1 of the book of Genesis as a whole and to the single verses of that chapter (the double quotation-marks are not written in the search string of course).

"Gen 28,10 - 22" lists all titles referring to chapter 28, verses 10-22, of the Book of Genesis. Note that the space before and after the hyphen (-) is obligatory.

"Ps 002,07" lists all data-sets referring to Ps 2,7.

II.    Abbreviations for the books of the Bible

The abbreviations in BILDI follow the system of the Einheitsübersetzung der Heiligen Schrift (1980; rev. ed. 2017), as set out below in the order of the English book-names; for the same list in the order of the biblical books in the Einheitsübersetzung, see here.

Acts of the Apostles Apg
Amos Am
Baruch Bar
Chronicles, First 1 Chr
Chronicles, Second 2 Chr
Colossians Kol
Corinthians, First 1 Kor
Corinthians, Second 2 Kor
Daniel Dan
Deuteronomy Dtn
Ecclesiastes Koh
Ecclesiasticus Sir
Ephesians Eph
Esther Est
Exodus Ex
Ezekiel Ez
Ezra Esr
Galatians Gal
Genesis Gen
Habakkuk Hab
Haggai Hag
Hebrews Hebr
Hosea Hos
Isaiah Jes
James Jak
Jeremiah Jer
Job Ijob
Joel Joel
John Joh
John, First 1 Joh
John, Second 2 Joh
John, Third 3 Joh
Jonah Jon
Joshua Jos
Jude Jud
Judges Ri
Judith Jdt
Kings, First 1 Kön or 1 Kon
Kings, Second 2 Kön or 2 Kon
Lamentations Klgl
Leviticus Lev
Luke Lk
Maccabees, First 1 Makk
Maccabees, Second 2 Makk
Malachi Mal
Mark Mk
Matthew Mt
Micah Mi
Nahum Nah
Nehemiah Neh
Numbers Num
Obadiah Obd
Peter, First 1 Petr
Peter, Second 2 Petr
Philemon Phlm
Philippians Phil
Proverbs Spr
Psalms Ps
Qoheleth Koh
Revelation Offb
Romans Röm or Rom
Ruth Rut
Samuel, First 1 Sam
Samuel, Second 2 Sam
Sirach Sir
Song of Songs Hld
Thessalonians, First 1 Thess
Thessalonians, Second 2 Thess
Timothy, First 1 Tim
Timothy, Second 2 Tim
Titus Tit
Tobit Tob
Wisdom of Solomon Weish
Zechariah Sach
Zephaniah Zef

Note also:

Azariah, Prayer of Dan 03,24 - 50
Daniel, Bel, and Snake Dan 14
Daniel and Susanna Dan 13
Esdras, First 3 Esr
Esdras, Second 4 Esr
Esther, Rest of Est 01,01a - 01r
Jeremiah, Letter of Bar 06
Song of the Three Dan 03,51 - 90