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Gabler's Discourse on Biblical Theology: Text and Translations

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Three texts are available for downloading here in PDF format: the original Latin text of the discourse, and translations in French and Italian. As far as I know, these two translations, made for this site, are the only full translations of the discourse in French and Italian.

1.   Gabler's Inaugural Discourse (1787) in the original Latin has been transcribed from the 1831 edition.

Download the Latin text

2.   The new French translation was made directly from the Latin text by P. Gérard Remy (Metz), who kindly authorized its publication here for the benefit of students. It was completed in October 2006.

Download the French translation

3.   The first draft of the Italian translation was made directly from the Latin text by Charles Conroy, helped at various points by an unpublished translation made by Sr. Caterina Hattar in 2003 (whose basis however was the English translation by Sandys-Wunsch and Eldredge). This first draft was then meticulously and extensively revised by don Mauro Caurla in 2006, with particular attention to Italian grammar and style.

Download the Italian translation