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Biblical Bibliographies: Index

This section of the site contains international bibliographies in selected areas of biblical studies, almost entirely related to the Old Testament / First Testament / Hebrew Bible. Titles in English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish are listed (only exceptionally in other languages).

At present the bibliographies, to a large extent, deal with the areas that I had occasion to teach most often, namely, the Latter Prophets, the history of ancient Israel, and theology of the OT / Hebrew Bible. However I would hope to expand the coverage and update the bibliographies considerably in the future development of the site.

Please note that in some cases the same bibliography is listed under more than one name in the following index, to facilitate your search.

Abbreviations are used in the bibliographies for the names of most journals and series; the full titles can be found in the "list of abbreviations", to which there are links at the top and at the end of every page of bibliography.

Bibliographies put online for the first time in the preceding twelve months are signalled as such below, as are those which have undergone major revision. Ongoing small revisions of existing bibliographies, however, are not notified on this index page but only by a timestamp within the bibliography page in question.

The following alphabetical table should make it easier to locate a specific bibliography:

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Amarna Letters

Amos: commentaries (post-1800)

Amos: general bibliography

Amos – texts: 7–9: the visions of Amos

Amos – texts: 7,10-17

Ancient Near East: introductory bibliography

Apocalyptic literature in the OT and Early Judaism

Archaeology: introductory bibliography for Israel/Palestine and neighbouring areas

Archaeology: Jerusalem prior to its fall to the Babylonians

Archaeology: "Low Chronology" for Iron I-IIA

Asherah, with particular reference to the inscriptions of Kuntillet ʿAjrud and Kh. el-Qôm


Biblical Theology: Dictionaries and Encyclopedias

Biblical Theology: Jewish Biblical Theology

Biblical Theology: New Testament Theologies

Biblical Theology: Old Testament Theologies from the 19th cent. and early 20th cent.

Biblical Theology: Old Testament Theologies from 1920 onwards

Biblical Theology: Theologies of the whole Christian Bible (OT + NT)

Biblical Theology – origins: Gabler and his predecessors

Biblical Theology – origins: Gabler's Discourse (1787), with some downloadable texts


Call narratives in the Old Testament

Chronology: "Low Chronology" for Iron I-IIA

Chronology: regnal dates of the kings of Judah and Israel

Commentaries (Jewish and Christian) on the whole Jewish Bible / Old Testament (pre-1800)

Covenant: general OT titles

Covenant: specific texts – in the Torah (Pentateuch)

Covenant: specific texts – in the Former and Latter Prophets

Covenant: specific texts – in the Ketubim (Writings) and the Deuterocanonical books

Cultic prostitution (so-called) in ancient Israel


Daniel: commentaries (post-1800)   major revision 2020-09

Daniel: general bibliography

Daniel – texts: 12,1-4 in the context of chaps 10–12

Daniel – themes: resurrection

Deuteronomistic History (I)

Deuteronomistic History (II)

Deuteronomistic History (III)

Deuteronomy – texts: 33,1-29

Divination in the Ancient Near East


Egypt and Canaan in the New Kingdom Period (LB and Early Iron)

Elephantine: Aramaic papyri   new 2020-04

Elijah and Elisha: general bibliography

Exegetical methodology

Exodus from Egypt: historical and archaeological questions

Ezekiel: commentaries (post-1800)

Ezekiel: general bibliography

Ezekiel: reception and interpretation pre-1800, A: Jewish sources

Ezekiel: reception and interpretation pre-1800, B: Christian sources   major revision 2020-10

Ezekiel: text transmission and text criticism

Ezekiel – texts: 1,1–3,15

Ezekiel – texts: 8–11

Ezekiel – texts: 37,1-14

Ezekiel – texts: 40–48 (as a whole)

Ezekiel – texts: 40–48 (individual chapters)

Ezekiel – themes: the Glory of the Lord


Folklore studies in the context of oral literature in ancient Israel and the ancient Near East

Form Criticism and OT studies in general


Gabler and the origins of biblical theology

Gabler's Discourse (1787): with some downloadable texts

Genesis – texts: 49,1-33

Geography of Israel / Palestine


Habakkuk: commentaries (post-1800)   new 2020-07

Habiru, Shasu, and similar groups

Haggai: commentaries (post-1800)   new 2020-07

Histories of Israel: selected global presentations (from 1950 onwards)

History of Israel: the Eighth Century BCE in Israel and Judah in the context of Assyrian pressure on the Southern Levant

History of Israel: the Neo-Babylonian (exilic) period

History of Israel: the Achaemenid Persian period (first part of post-exilic period)

History of Israel: the Hellenistic period (second part of post-exilic period)   major revision 2020-05

History of Old Testament Literature

Hosea: commentaries (post-1800)   major revision 2020-03

Hosea: general bibliography

Hosea: reception and interpretation (pre-1800)   new 2020-03

Hosea – texts: 5,8–6,6

Hosea – texts: 11,1-11

Hosea – themes: popular religion according to the book of Hosea

Hyksos period in Egyptian history: Canaanites in Egypt


Introductions to the Old Testament

Isaiah: commentaries (post-1800)   major revision 2020-12

Isaiah: text transmission and text criticism   major revision 2021-04

Isaiah 1–66: general bibliography and studies on the composition of Isa 1-66 as a whole

Isaiah 1–39: general bibliography

Isaiah 40–55: general bibliography

Isaiah 56–66: general bibliography

Isaiah – texts: 5,1-7

Isaiah – texts: 6,1–8,18(9,6): the "Denkschrift" (memoir) hypothesis

Isaiah – texts: 6,1-13

Isaiah – texts: 7,1-25

Isaiah – texts: 42,1-9

Isaiah – texts: 49,1-13

Isaiah – texts: 50,4-11

Isaiah – texts: 52,13–53,12

Isaiah – themes: "servant of the Lord" (general bibliography)

Isaiah – themes: "servant of the Lord" (studies on Isa 42,1-9 and its immediate context)

Isaiah – themes: "servant of the Lord" (studies on Isa 49,1-13)

Isaiah – themes: "servant of the Lord" (studies on Isa 50,4-11)

Isaiah – themes: "servant of the Lord" (studies on Isa 52,13–53,12)

Isaiah – themes: social critique


Jeremiah: commentaries (post-1800)   major revision 2020-11

Jeremiah: general bibliography

Jeremiah: text transmission and text criticism   new 2021-02

Jeremiah – texts: 1,4-19

Jeremiah – texts: 15,10-21

Jeremiah – texts: 28 and related texts in chaps 26–29

Jeremiah – texts: 31,31-34 in the context of chaps 30–31

Jeremiah – themes: prophetic conflict (false prophecy)

Jeremiah – themes: the confessions of Jeremiah

Jeremiah – themes: the new covenant

Jerusalem: archaeological and historical questions (up to 587/86 bce)

Joel: commentaries (post-1800)   new 2020-06

Jonah: commentaries (post-1800)   new 2020-06

Joshua: commentaries (post-1800)

Joshua: general bibliography

Joshua: text transmission and text criticism

Judeans in Babylonia: Neo-Babylonian and Achaemenid periods   new 2020-04

Judeans in Egypt, esp. at Elephantine: Neo-Babylonian and Achaemenid periods   new 2020-04

Judges: commentaries (post-1800)

Judges: general bibliography

Judges: text transmission and text criticism

Judges – texts: 4 and 5 (titles relevant for both chapters)

Judges – texts: 4,1-24

Judges – texts: 5,1-31


Kuntillet ‘Ajrud and Kh. el-Qôm, inscriptions


Literacy, writing, and the making of books/scrolls in ancient Israel


Malachi: commentaries (post-1800)   new 2020-08

Merneptah's (Merenptah's) Stele

Methodology and theory of exegesis

Micah: commentaries (post-1800)   new 2020-06

Minimalists or revisionists: their views on the origins of Israel

Monarchy – emergence: general studies

Monarchy – Saul: general studies

Monotheism in ancient Israel, with reference to its ancient Near Eastern context


Nahum: commentaries (post-1800)   new 2020-06

New Testament Theologies

Nomads in the ancient Near East


Obadiah: commentaries (post-1800)   new 2020-06

Old Testament Introductions

Old Testament Literary History

Old Testament Theologies: 19th cent. and early 20th cent.

Old Testament Theologies: from 1920 onwards

Old Testament Theology: debate about its feasibility and its relation to a History of Israelite Religion

Old Testament Theology: debate about the question of a "centre" of the Old Testament

Old Testament Theology: surveys of research and methodological discussions

Old Testament Theology – contributions: P. Beauchamp, J. Schreiner, M. Nobile

Old Testament Theology – contributions: W. Brueggemann

Old Testament Theology – contributions: B. S. Childs

Old Testament Theology – contributions: W. Eichrodt

Old Testament Theology – contributions: G. Fohrer, C. Westermann, W. Zimmerli

Old Testament Theology – contributions: G. von Rad

Old Testament Theology – contributions: R. Rendtorff

Old Testament Theology – contributions: various Catholic scholars from 1940 onwards

Old Testament Theology – contributions: various Theologies published between 1991 and 2004

Orality, oral literature, and folklore studies

Origins of Israel: archaeological studies

Origins of Israel: general studies

Origins of Israel: exodus from Egypt and related historical questions

Origins of Israel: "minimalists" / "revisionists" on the topic

Origins of Israel: social structures and dynamics in pre-monarchical Israel

Origins of Israel: state-formation and the emergence of the monarchy


Pesharim: general studies   new 2020-03

Philistine cities (1): Ashdod and Ashkelon

Philistine cities (2): Ekron

Philistine cities (3): Gath and Gaza

Philistines and other Sea Peoples: basic general bibliography

Philistines and other Sea Peoples: further archaeological titles

Philistines and other Sea Peoples: settlements outside the Philistine Pentapolis

Pontifical Biblical Commission: two significant documents (1993 and 2001)

Prophets: ancient Near East

Prophets: anthropological and sociological aspects

Prophets: book of the Twelve Prophets as a whole

Prophets: canon formation and the prophetic books

Prophets: Elijah and Elisha

Prophets: form criticism

Prophets: general introductions

Prophets: general studies (including studies on female prophets)

Prophets: history of research and current tendencies

Prophets: pre-classical prophecy in Israel

Prophets: prophetic books (in general) – final form and process of formation

Prophets: psychological aspects ("ecstatic" prophecy and related topics)

Prophets: reception in Judaism (pre-1000 C.E) and in the Qur’ān

Prophets: sociological aspects

Prophets: terminology used in the Bible

Prophets – themes: call narratives

Prophets – themes: prophetic conflict (false prophecy)

Prophets – themes: social critique


Qumran: apocalyptic (general studies)

Qumran: pesharim (general studies)   new 2020-03


"Remnant" as a theme in the OT

Resurrection and related themes in the OT and Early Judaism


Sacred prostitution (so-called) in ancient Israel

Samaria and the Samaritans in the Persian and Hellenistic periods   new 2020-05

Saul: general studies on literary and historical questions

Scribal culture, schools, and the formation of scriptural literature in Israel

Syro-Ephraimite War (so-called)


Textual criticism of the OT books: an introductory bibliography

Treaties in the Ancient Near East

Twelve Prophets, Book of the: commentaries (post-1800)

Twelve Prophets, Book of the: commentaries (pre-1800)   new 2019-12

Twelve Prophets, Book of the: general studies

Twelve Prophets, Book of the: reception in early Jewish and Christian writings

Twelve Prophets, Book of the: text-transmission and text-criticism


Zechariah: commentaries (post-1800)   new 2020-08

Zephaniah: commentaries (post-1800)   new 2020-07