Biblical Bibliographies
Charles Conroy []

The Question of False Prophets and Related Topics
in the OT in general, and in post-biblical Jewish texts

[for specific OT texts see Jer 23;  Jer 26;  Jer 27-28;  Jer 29;  Ezek 13]

The bibliography is divided into two main sections with an appendix as follows:

I.    Titles from 1850 to 1949

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II.    Titles from 1950 to the present

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APPENDIX:    Post-biblical Jewish texts on false prophets

1.   The Qumran list of false prophets (4Q339: Aramaic נביאי [ש]קרא)

i)   Editio princeps

Broshi, M. – A. Yardeni, "339. 4Q List of False Prophets ar (Plate XI)", in M. Broshi – E. Eshel – J. Fitzmeyer – E. Larson – C. Newsom – L. Schiffman – M. Smith – M. Stone – J. Strugnell – A. Yardeni, Qumran Cave 4; XIV: Parabiblical Texts, Part 2 (DJD 19; Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1995) 77-79. [images here]

ii)   Studies

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2.   Later Jewish texts

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