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Palestinian Archaeology: A General Bibliography

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The bibliography is divided into five sections as follows:

I.    Reference works

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II.    Synthetic presentations

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III.    Other significant general studies

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IV.    Specialized journals

Biblical Archaeologist: from 1998 onwards its title was changed to Near East Archaeology.

Bulletin of the American Schools of Oriental Research.

Israel Exploration Journal: N.B. the section "Notes and News" (updating on recent excavation campaigns and discoveries).

Journal of Egyptian Archaeology.

Near East Archaeology (cf. Biblical Archaeologist above).

קדמוניות (Qadmoniot: Journal for the Antiquities of Eretz-Israel and Bible Lands) (useful for current archaeological news too).

Zeitschrift des Deutschen Palästina-Vereins.

V.    Links to other sites

Museums of major importance for Ancient Near Eastern studies

Berlin, Ägyptisches Museum [German and English pages]

Berlin, Vorderasiatisches Museum [German and English pages]

Cairo, Egyptian Museum  [unofficial site; the Museum's official website is under construction at present (2019-03-08)]

Cairo, Egyptian Museum [another unofficial site]

Jerusalem, Israel Museum (Archaeology)

London, British Museum

Paris, musée du Louvre

Torino [Turin], Museo Egizio

Sample excavations

Hazor [Hebrew University, Jerusalem]

Megiddo [Tel-Aviv University]

Other sites of interest

Archaeology and History of Israel: Dinur Center [over 4500 classified links]

Biblical Archaeology [USA site: popular level]

Hebrew University Institute of Archaeology

Israel Antiquities Authority: National Treasures [new artifacts are added on a regular basis]

Israel: Current Archaeological News [Ministry of Foreign Affairs information site]

Jerusalem (historical and contemporary documentation)