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Brevard S. Childs (1923-2007) and Biblical Theology

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The bibliography is divided into two sections as follows:

I.    Books and articles by Childs

1.   A selection of Childs's books (in chronological order)

i)   Directly on biblical theology

Childs, B. S., Biblical Theology in Crisis (Philadelphia: Westminster, 1970).

Childs, B. S., Old Testament Theology in a Canonical Context (London: SCM, 1985; Philadelphia: Fortress, 1986); = Teologia dell'Antico Testamento in un contesto canonico (Parola di Dio, II/9; Cinisello Balsamo: Edizioni Paoline, 1989).

Childs, B. S., Biblical Theology of the Old and New Testaments. Theological Reflection on the Christian Bible (London: SCM, 1992; Minneapolis: Fortress, 1993); = Die Theologie der einen Bibel. Bd. 1: Grundstrukturen; Bd. 2: Hauptthemen (Freiburg: Herder, 1994/1995); = Teologia biblica, Antico e Nuovo Testamento (Piemme theologica; Casale Monferrato (AL): Piemme, 1998).

Childs, B. S., Biblical Theology: A Proposal (Facets; Minneapolis : Fortress, 2002).

ii)   On other topics

Childs, B. S., Myth and Reality in the Old Testament (SBT 27; London: SCM, 1960).

Childs, B. S., Memory and Tradition in Israel (SBT 37; London: SCM, 1962).

Childs, B. S., Isaiah and the Assyrian Crisis (SBT II/3; London: SCM, 1967).

Childs, B. S., The Book of Exodus: A Critical Theological Commentary (OTL; Philadelphia: Westminster; London: SCM, 1974); = Il libro dell'Esodo: Commentario critico teologico (Piemme theologica; Casale Monferrato [AL]: Piemme, 1995).

Childs, B. S., Introduction to the Old Testament as Scripture (Philadelphia: Fortress; London: SCM, 1979).

Childs, B. S., The New Testament as Canon: An Introduction (London: SCM, 1984; Philadelphia: Fortress, 1985)

Childs, B. S., Isaiah (OTL; Atlanta, GA: Westminster/John Knox, 2001); = Isaia (Commentari biblici; Brescia: Queriniana, 2005).

Childs, B. S., The Struggle to Understand Isaiah as Christian Scripture (Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans, 2004).

Brueggemann, W. – B. S. Childs, Old Testament Theology: Canon or Testimony (Minneapolis, MN: Fortress, 2023). [the book consists of extracts from the Introduction to the OT of Childs and from the Theology of Brueggemann; no editor is named and there is no comment on the extracts]

2.   A selection of Childs's articles (in chronological order)

Childs, B. S., "Interpretation in Faith: The Theological Responsibility of an Old Testament Commentary", Int 18 (1964) 432-449.

Childs, B. S., "The Sensus Literalis of Scripture: An Ancient and Modern Problem", in H. Donner (ed.), Beiträge zur Alttestamentlichen Theologie. Festschrift für Walther Zimmerli zum 70. Geburtstag (Göttingen: Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, 1977) 80-93.

Childs, B. S., "The Canonical Shape of the Prophetic Literature", Int 32 (1978) 46-55. Reprinted [same title] in J. L. Mays – P. J. Achtemeier (eds.), Interpreting the Prophets (Philadelphia, PA: Fortress, 1995) 41-49.

Childs, B. S., "The Exegetical Significance of Canon for the Study of the Old Testament", in J. A. Emerton et al. (eds.), Congress Volume, Göttingen 1977 (VTSup 29; Leiden: Brill, 1978) 66-80.

Childs, B. S., "Some Reflections on the Search for a Biblical Theology", HBT 4 (1982) 1-12.

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Childs, B. S., "Allegory and Typology within Biblical Interpretation", in C. R. Seitz – K. H. Richards (eds.), The Bible as Christian Scripture: The Work of Brevard S. Childs (Biblical Scholarship in North America, 25; Atlanta, GA: Society of Biblical Literature, 2013) 299-311. [hitherto unpublished; a paper delivered at the University of St Andrews in April 2000]

II.    Discussion of the work of Childs

1.   Up to 1991

i)   A series of articles in JSOT 16 (1980) on Childs, Introduction (1979)

Barr, J., "Childs' Introduction to the Old Testament as Scripture", JSOT 16 (1980) 12-23. Reprinted in J. Barr, Bible and Interpretation: The Collected Essays of James Barr. Vol. II: Biblical Studies, edited by J. Barton (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2013) 333-343.

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Childs, B. S., "Response to Reviewers of Introduction to the Old Testament as Scripture", JSOT 16 (1980) 52-60.

ii)   A series of articles in HBT 2 (1980) on Childs, Introduction (1979)

Birch, B. C., "Tradition, Canon and Biblical Theology", HBT 2 (1980) 113-125.

Knight, D. A., "Canon and the History of Traditon: A Critique of Brevard S. Childs' Introduction to the Old Testament as Scripture", HBT 2 (1980) 127-149.

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Childs, B. S., "A Response", HBT 2 (1980) 199-211.

iii)   Further contributions on various aspects of the work of Childs

Bosman, H. L. "The Validity of Biblical Theology: Historical Description or Hermeneutical 'Childs' play'?", OTE 3 (1990) 133-146.

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2.   From 1992 to the present

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