biblical bibliographies
and related material

by Charles Conroy

A Word of Welcome and Explanation

The purpose of these pages is to offer useful material to those who are engaged in biblical research, with particular focus on the Old Testament / Hebrew Bible. At present the section devoted to the biblical bibliographies is being actively developed as a priority.

The site began in 2004 primarily for the use of my students at the Gregorian University, Rome. When I retired from academic teaching in 2007, the site was restructured and it reopened in early 2008 as a service for all interested students and scholars.

You will find some more information about the content of the site on the introductory pages of the sections "Bibliographies" and "Testi italiani" (the latter coming from the first Roman years of the site). Some operative hints about printing and saving material from these pages can be found in the "Site-help" page. Information about "cookies" is also given on the latter page.

The quick site-search facility on this homepage may be useful at times, though it may often be more practical to go directly to the index-page of the "Bibliographies" section. A full site-search page with more options is available here.

Your comments and suggestions for the future development of the site can be sent here. They will be much appreciated.